Everest (29,029′)

Everest (29,029′)

Climbing Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, is considered by many to be the culmination of a climber’s mountaineering career. The decisions of whether or not to attempt it and with whom to go climb it are not to be taken lightly.

We work with some of the most qualified guides and sherpas on the mountain to lead professionally guided Everest expeditions to the south side of the mountain. All the logistical support and leadership necessary to make this a successful expedition to the highest mountain in the world is provided. Our Everest expedition does not contain any hidden costs, extras or add-ons. We know that an undertaking like this is very stressful and we strive to remove as many of the potential concerns that are under our control as possible in order to allow our guests to focus on climbing the highest mountain in the world.

Our expedition will provide all the leadership and logistics necessary to climb Mt. Everest via the normal (SE Ridge) route on the Nepal side. This route has the highest success rate on the mountain. We have our own luxurious base camp, Sherpa cooks and staff. The team will consist of a maximum of 4 climbers per American guide, and will be supported by an average of two Sherpas per climber. The depth of Sherpa experience, coupled with low ratios of guests to MGI guides gives our climbers the highest level of support on the mountain.  With strong leadership, experienced Sherpa teams, oxygen systems, high-tech communications, medical support and base camp services, MGI is well positioned to provide the safest, highest possible chances for summitting.

Anyone considering an attempt on Mount Everest should contact us as far in advance as possible for additional information and to help us better determine if this is an appropriate decision for you to make at this time.

Call or email us for more details.