Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Mountain Guides International Inc. apart from other guiding companies?

Mountain Guides International Inc. has been providing the highest quality guiding since 1992. We operate instructional and guided programs throughout the world. They range from instructional rock climbing courses and guided ascents of the world’s tallest peaks to remote sea kayaking expeditions and leadership guide training courses. MGI is at the forefront of the guiding industry and continues to raise industry standards.

How much experience do I need for an MGI trip/course?

No experience is necessary to sign up for many of our trips and courses. All that is generally required is good physical and emotional health and motivation for the experience of a lifetime. New participants have varying levels of experience. A strong desire to be an active participant and have new experiences are the most important factors for success on an MGI trip/course.

What equipment will I need for my MGI trip?

We will send you a personal equipment list prior to the start of the course that outlines everything you will need. You may have to purchase some gear, and we would be happy to answer any questions that may arise as to the appropriate gear selection. All group gear associated with a specific activity will be provided.

What will the first day be like?

The first day will be an exciting introduction to your trip location and MGI. We’ll start with a pre-trip meeting to discuss expectations, outline the next few days, introduce all of the MGI staff, and answer any last minute questions. We’ll do a thorough gear check of all your equipment to make sure that you have what you need for a successful trip.

What will the food be like on an MGI trip/course?

A tasty, nutritious, and balanced menu is essential for any expedition. MGI understands the importance of food and how it can directly affect group spirits. We are accustomed to accommodating different dietary restrictions and healthy appetites. Our food plan ensures scrumptious and healthy food on a daily basis while not overloading our backs.

How do I prepare for my trip/course?

You don’t need to be a superstar athlete for your MGI course/trip, however, a modest amount of physical fitness training will help you to prepare for active participation in the upcoming expedition. MGI will recommend a variety of books and reading material that will support your trip. Reading these materials will help you prepare for the technical skills and environmental considerations associated with each trip.

What does my trip cost cover?

Transportation during the trip, quality group equipment, food, and high quality instruction are all included in the trip cost. Additional costs may include: transportation to and from the location, personal equipment costs, and travel insurance.