Cho Oyu (26,748 ft)

Cho Oyu (26,748 ft)

(40 days)

Join us for an expedition to one of the world’s highest mountains. Our route is on the north side of the mountain on the normal route. This route is quickly gaining the reputation as one of the easiest on an 8,000-meter peak. It is an incredible experience in its own right, and can be an important step in preparation for individuals planning a climb of Everest.


Cho Oyu is in Tibet, but our trip begins in Kathmandu, Nepal. From Kathmandu we will travel overland through China for a week to reach our base camp. The expedition is a total of forty days and our itinerary includes ample time for weather, rest, and acclimatization days.

Cho Oyu is technically easy, but very demanding overall because of the altitude involved.

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